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Contract No. FA8108-08-0-0011

THE CFT Program

About CFT
The CFT program was established in 1951 by the Air Force to augment its maintenance capability. It supplements the government’s capability to perform organizational and field level maintenance and modification requirements. It provides a rapid deployment/surge capability worldwide for the repair or modification of military weapon systems. CFT is a group of contractor maintenance personnel who are provided with government furnished tools or equipment, workspace, and supplies to accomplish modification/maintenance/repair effort on-site at operational locations worldwide.

CFT work is limited to supportable programs for operational support of active aircraft, missiles, ground support equipment and vehicles. Supportability is measured by available technical data, tooling, required spares, and parts. Elements such as technical complexity, hardware availability, and qualify assurance support are factors which also enter into the decision to use CFT. Training will be limited to on on-the-job training for tasked resources.

The host base/government facility controls the tactical operation and maintenance of assigned aircraft and equipment. Input of aircraft and equipment for work will be thoroughly coordinated with the host. Base support includes but is not limited to controlled workspace, material, GFM, equipment, vehicles, services or other support functions that can be made available at or through any installation. This also includes respirator fittings and other occupational support and training on DoD equipment as required.

Examples of DoD Systems and components that may require CFT support are: aircraft, aircraft modifications, airborne accessories, aircraft engines, howitzers, missiles, test stands, cranes, hush houses, shipboard maintenance, weapons launchers, tracked and wheeled vehicles, generators/radars, countermine equipment, depot supply functions, ground support equipment, automated storage kitting and retrieval systems, floating bridges, and container repair.


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