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Contract No. FA8108-08-0-0011


        VSE Corporation is leading a select and respected group of US Military support contractors who are thoroughly familiar with the Oklahoma City – Air Logistics Center (OC-ALC) Contractor Field Team (CFT) requirements and the maintenance environment under which the Team will operate. The VSE Team has been providing field maintenance team support for more than 20-years, and we are doing so today on a worldwide basis. The VSE Team will provide timely and qualified maintenance support personnel to CFT customers for all of the Armed Services and supported Government agencies anywhere in the continental United States. The Team’s maintenance and supply technicians (more than 5,000 in house personnel) are providing quality maintenance on any weapon system or support equipment currently deployed by the US military. VSE will ensure quality performance by quickly deploying the required personnel with the appropriate skill-sets and training to the requesting units – and do so in a lean and cost effective manner. We understand that this equipment will ultimately be used by the people whose lives depend on the system’s reliability – the Warfighter.

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